The COVID- 19 Pandemic has affected our lives in unimaginable ways. With social distancing and isolation being the only known way of stemming the spread, it is expected to affect children and youth more than others due to their innate energy and curiosity.

It is important to know what their fears and hopes are? How do they want to see their future and the future of the world?

To provide an opportunity to creatively express their thoughts and imagination, we are inviting children and youth to express their ideas, fear & hopes and thoughts through different creative expressions, by participating in the ArtBeat Digital – National Child Art Competition Qatar and submitting their artworks online.

Residents of Qatar only can submit their artworks and participate.

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For the Children / Young Artist:

We are hoping that this crisis will soon be over and we would be able to continue with our daily lives. COVID-19 Pandemic will only be found in our history books but how exactly will we and our children remember these days?

How we were not able to move and travel freely? How we are not able to meet our loved ones. How we are not able to join our friends in parks. How we were missing our schools and class rooms. What activities kept us and our families occupied at homes during the lock down? How we formed renewed relationships with our siblings, parents and loved ones at home?

These stories of our children and youth are important to know what their thoughts and how they were facing these times.



The ArtBeat Digital National Art Competition is a Digital Only competition with a focus on participatory approach for children to take part in the activities and share their views on COVID-19 through art making.

The artworks will be preserved on Google Cultural Institute.

You can make Painting, Drawing and/or Digital Art. The themes are given below. Submissions are online through the form given at the end of the page.

Corona Virus

What do you think about Corona virus, and how you imagine it? How it is affecting our daily routines? In what ways can we remain positive during this pandemic? What are the things that makes you happy? What are you able to do during your day at home?


Self-hygiene is an integral part of our lives. How important it is to maintain self-hygiene during Corona virus outbreak. Through what ways we can remain safe from the virus.

Landscape and Cityscape of Doha

Our beautiful country Qatar has unique monuments and architecture. There are beaches and buildings that makes the cityscape of Doha. What inspires you about your country?


How we are discovering relationships? Who are our siblings and what makes them special? See how parents has been supporting us in various things. You can make portraits of family members and share it.

Memories from the past

We are restricted to homes; the schools are closed and there is a fear of getting sick if we go outside. What are the things that you remember from your school, park, going to friend’s homes and other things that you were able to do before the lockdown? Let’s cherish those memories.

Hopes for the future

What are the things that you want to do when the virus is defeated and we are able to come out of our homes? How does the future look like to you to the world that is free from COVID-19? What will you do differently when we get back to our normal life?

Jury Names

Shazia Bhanji
Khalifa AlMarri
Muna Al-Bader
Hessa Kalla
Suzana Joumaa
Michael Perrone
Dr. Shetha Faraj Abbo Al Numan
Behnaz Larsen
Nourbanu Feras Hijazi
Read Complete Jury Profiles Here


Deadline 11 September
Voting 14 September
Jury 18 September
Results 25 September

Age groups

A: 3-9 Years
B: 10-14 Years
C: 15-18 Years
D: 19-24 Years


  • Draw on any above given theme and submit.
  • Choose any medium you like: color pencils, markers, acrylics, oil paints, water colors, poster colors, pastels, crayons, pointers, sketch pencils
  • Allowed age group: 3-24
  • Single artist can submit maximum 3 artworks
  • Work must be original and your own (Google/Plagiarism = Disqualification).
  • Each artwork must be signed by the name of the artist.
  • Fake/Bot likes will result in disqualification of the work
  • Fresh and current work is preferred.
  • The decision of The Little Art team will be final and shall not be challenged.
  • The submissions will be published regularly on our social media channels within 24 hours
  • There will be four age group categories and your submission will be posted in the relevant age group category album on our social media. We will email you all the details and further information upon submission.
  • No hate speech, political, agendas will be accepted

How to Participate: Step-by-step instructions

  • Make your artwork
  • Take a very good high-quality photo of your artwork
  • Fill the online form below and submit your artwork
  • You will receive a confirmation email
  • Once your work is published on Facebook, promote it among your friends.


There will be three type of awards for the participants

Selection of Artworks for Exhibition on Google Cultural Institute: 50 Artworks will be selected for the exhibition showcase by the Jury.

Jury’s Choice Award: 3 prizes in each age group
Total number of winners=12

Note: Jury will decide winners upon their creativity, originality and imagination. Jury’s decision will be final.

Public Choice Award: 3 prizes in each age group
Total number of winners=12

Note: Every participant will have the equal opportunity to win in each category upon number of likes on their artwork. Every artwork will be posted on Facebook. Participant has to collect maximum number of likes to win the competition.


The jury will curate an exhibition for prestigious online platform Google Cultural Institute. Google Cultural Institute will host the exhibition of the artworks with the credits and complete information of artists for future.

Benefits for Participants:

  • E-Certificate of participation
  • Publishing each submitted artwork on social media platforms to showcase and exposure

Benefits for Winners:

  • E-Certificate for the winners
  • Exhibition of the selected artwork on The Little Art websites

You will receive a detailed email containing the next steps upon successful submission. For queries/questions please write to (Click Here To Email) with title “Digital Artbeat Competition”

Submission Closed

We will reach all applicants soon via email